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User stories

Rita (42)

Rita"I was diagnosed as a bruxer when I was 31 by my dentist, I'm wearing my splint for over 9 years now. Till I got to know Bruxlab and its app, I recorded myself several nights and couldn't hear any grinding sounds, also the algorithm didn't detect any grinding sounds. So I told my dentist and he gave me a new splint and asked to wear it for another 6 more months to see if there was any wear ( the older splints had to be replaced after 2-3 years because of severe wear) , there wasn't any detectable wear, so I stopped grinding and now I don't have to wear my splint anymore. Without Bruxlab I would still be wearing my splint today without any reason! Now I can find a boyfriend on best nerd dating sites"

Jack (22) professional athlete

"It's known that top athletes tend to grind their teeth more, I was doing the same, especially before a big tournament. I have a splint that I wear every night, till I got a new dentist that told me about this app that can record the amount you grind your teeth during the night. I started recording myself and I noticed that I grinded my teeth less when I took a warm bath before I went to bed. Thanks to Bruxlab."

Bonnie (30)

"Last year my dentist told me that I was grinding my teeth, he could see this because there where many very smooth surfaces on my teeth. He wanted to make a splint that I had to wear every night, I told him I didn't want to have a splint, because I didn't have any complaints. I didn't believe him, nobody had ever told me I grind my teeth during the night, so how could my dentist  know for sure? My dentist asked me to use the app of Bruxlab to record myself during the night, the next day I listened to the grinding sounds. I was shocked to hear myself making these awful sounds, so Bruxlab helped me to convince me to get a splint. My dentist was right after all."

Richard (28)

"I'm a sales person and I like to party in the weekends with my friends, Saturday nights I go out till late and drink beers with my friends. I have a splint since 3 years, but I don't wear it very often. I noticed that on Sundays I felt pain in my jaws and I knew that I was grinding my teeth again the night before. A friend of mine told me about Bruxlab and I recorded myself for a whole week. I noticed that I only grind my teeth on saturday nights. I decided not to drink beers the next saturday night to see if this had any effect, guess what, I didn't grind my teeth that night. So now I only wear my splint after I drink alcohol. Bruxlab worked for me."